Open Roof Festival closes with a bang!

Thank you all for coming to close #OpenRoof16 with us. We closed out our season with back-to-back shows on Tuesday with Yuka and the critically acclaimed Canadian directorial debut Closet Monster,  and on Wednesday with Most People and Hunt For The Wilderpeople.

As with every show, our long-time sponsor Amsterdam Brewery was on hand for that post-work pre-show relaxation that comes with the finest beer.

And while people come for the movie and music, Open Roof has been lucky to have so many sponsors and on-site partners to take the festival to the next level. Whether it’s enjoying some free sunglasses and playing with VR from the best radio station in the city…

…to playing a few rounds of mini-pong before the show starts…

…. to enjoying this year’s rotating cast of food trucks from amazing arepas to chicken sandwiches to fish tacos.

But what makes Open Roof Festival so special is the amazing audience and our intrepid volunteers. We couldn’t do this without either!

On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have the smooth, R&B soul mix of Yuka. They didn’t let off the energy or the brass with a horns that put them over the top. Open Roof veterans, Yuka know how to win over a crowd. It’s not often you have people come specifically just to see a band, but after seeing Yuka it’s no surprise.

Tuesday capped off with the Canadian debut Closet Monster. A complicated film about coming out while living in a broken home with an unhappy and unforgiving father, Closet Monster made coming to terms with adulthood visceral. With Cronenberg-like body horror that made the transition feel all the more gut wrenching.

Then on Wednesday we has our final show of #OPENROOF16. We definitely had the most people of the season come to see Most People and Hunt For The Wilderpeople. Our closing show was packed to brim as people took in one final night celebrating independent culture and successful summer of #MOVIESMUSICBEER.

Most People played their first Open Roof to a packed audience, an intimidating feat for some artists, but they closed out the season in style with an eclectic mix of synth and snare pop.

The energy of Most People was reflected in the final film, Hunt For The Wilderpeople which had the audience roaring with laughter. The New Zealand comedy about a boy who gets lost in the woods, is found by his foster “uncle” (who hates being called “uncle”) and through a misunderstanding are forced to go on the lam. With lots of laughs, intense action, and sweet sentimentality without ever being cloying or pretentious, this was a a super fun romp coming after a super fun band to cap a super fun season.

After the show lots of people stuck around to talk about the year, what movies or music they liked best, and to get one last beer before the night ended.

Thank you to everyone who came out this week and to the rest of the festival events!

Please continue to share the #MoviesMusicBeer good times with us and all your friends.

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See You Next Summer!