A super successful opening night for Open Roof Festival’s 2015 season!


99 Sudbury was bumpin’, the weather was perfect and the fabulous ORF volunteers were eager to welcome everyone to our SOLD OUT opening event. 

happiness abounds

(photo by Georgia Cowan)


Nevermind...it's all super sweet!

Thematically appropriate cupcakes from Aura by Cashew and Clive (photo by Georgia Cowan)


Before you even get to your seats, you have a bevy of excitement waiting for you, from the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema contest sign-ups, Indie88 high fives and free sunnies, games at the Fiat station and all the delectable food and drink options to satisfy anyone’s pallet.

(photo by enducer on instagram)

Smiles abound thanks to the delectable menu offered from Aura by Cashew and Clive and the wine and beer selections from Amsterdam Brewery, not to mention our bustling concession stand which will further get kicked up a notch at future events thanks to the new participation of Kernels popcorn!





The smooth musical stylings of Tomi Swick & his band delighted audiences at the start of the evening and behind the scenes they were straight up gentlemen too, happily using one of our shipping crates as a green room with stacks of chairs and our lovely volunteers as backstage company. 

Tomi Swick & band yucking it up in the sun before taking the stage (photo curtesy of amsterdambeer on instagram)


Like any great opening night, we still had some last minute kinks to work out with the ballot distribution for our exciting new SiriusXM audience choice award but our volunteers kicked it up, hustling our great turn out with ballots and yielding an impressive amount of feedback for our first musical act of the season! 



Thanks everyone!


As the sun went down and everyone settled into their seats for the film, we took a moment to express our gratitude to all of you who have kept us going these past 6 years.


 People packed in tight to watch Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, a powerful and intimate portrait of the tragic artist whose style and music had shaped so many young lives even after his tragic end.
A palpable buzz filled the air at 99 Sudbury as everyone became invested in this documentary, experiencing the vibrant imagery and resonating sounds collectivity under the darkening sky.


All in all, it was an amazing and exciting experience and a triumphant opening night! Thank you to everyone who came out and please continue to share the #MoviesMusicBeer good times with us and all your friends.


DONT FORGET to check out the fantastic cinematic and musical offerings we’ve got for you NEXT WEEK!

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