This Week @ Open Roof

This Wednesday, August 10, #OpenRoof16 presents the hard to box in soul/orchestral pop/folk/jazz stylings of musician Chloe Charles and the mysterious sensual thriller A Bigger Splash.

Chloe Charles has been called “genre-less.” Her recent album, With Blindsfold On doesn’t fit into any neat categories. And while overseas she’ll play concert halls and major festivals, at her home in Toronto she can be overlooked. That seems to be changing with more and more media and audiences catching on to what Europe seems to already understand. Chloe Charles is just beginning what promises to be a long and rich career.

Chloe Charles

“In the past five years, it seems like more and more music is pushing boundaries and becoming less genre-specific,” she recently told NOW Magazine. “It’s becoming more normal in North America to be a little bit different or not quite fit into a box. I’m hoping that works in my favour.”

Following Chloe Charles is A Bigger Splash, which also delves into the music world. Marianne Lane (Tilda Swinton) is a famous musician who is taking some time off to decompress and rest her voice. Suddenly her an old flame, a frenetic and talkative producer named Harry Hawkes (Ralph Fiennes) shoves himself back into her life. What starts out as a romantic drama slowly turns into thriller.

A Bigger Splash

“A cleverly building story. Director Guadagnino uses an impending windstorm to achieve a sense of apprehension as back-stories and true intentions are revealed.” – Globe and Mail

“Everything in this spellbinding erotic dance is so ripe and voluptuous that watching it doesn’t seem enough, you want to take a bite out of it.” – Rolling Stone

“A Bigger Splash is a sensuous delight of a film, but it has a darker heart that brands itself in the viewer’s mind.” – The Atlantic


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