Week 2 @ Open Roof Festival yielded packed seats, melodic horns, wieners and treats, an awkward moment and plenty of smiling faces.

Starting things off with a resounding happy birthday from the volunteers to Volunteer Coordinator Dani Simone, Open Roof Festival excitedly welcomed the public at our new start time of 7:00pm. 


The sun was out and the energy was high as people poured into 99 Sudbury, hanging out with friends and family in the fresh summer air as they explored the all the delights available IMG_5081thanks to the help of all our partners, sponsors and supporters. This week we had the Christie Pitts Film Festival, Prism Prize and Wavelength  representing — a big thank you shout out to those lovely folks!

The gents at Wavelength even set up a little camping corner at the venue for guest to peruse, after signing up for this week’s contest to win a pair of tickets to Camp Wavelength! The draw occurred just before the film began and we all watched with envy as a jubilant Mark Gravely came up to accept his prize.

Del Bel enjoying all that ORFTO has to offer, chilling in a Fiat before taking the stage (Photo from fiat500canada, Instagram)


With the Sirius XM Audience Choice Award ballots distributed, musical guest Del Bel took some time to hangout with us before taking the stage and delighting attendees with their cool indie vibes — I particularly enjoyed the soulful sounds of the trumpet ringing out smooth and melodiously and the band’s atmospheric tunes seemed to coat the warm air with a pleasant chill that left the audience feeling relaxed and at home despite being packed into their seats at this nearly sold out event. 

Super sweet view of Del Bel’s performance from Amsterdam Brewery’s best seats in the house! (photo by a_krygiel, Instagram)



 This week we screened Patrick Brice’s The Overnight and Aura by Cashew and Clive delivered another creatively thematic menu to accompany the film. Reimagining the main characters as tasty foods, The Kurt, The Emily and The Alex (all beef hot dog with fancy trimmings — in reference to the gawk-worthy cinematic ‘members’ of the film) satiated effectively and sold rapidly. If you missed out make sure to arrive earlier next week to grab some grub as these chefs really know how to deliver!

a peak at Aura foods


 In line with the film’s awkward sex comedy theme, our night also delivered an awkward moment when we experienced some sound malfunctions just as the picture was about to start. But no worries, the Open Roof Tech Team kicked into gear and patched things up in no time — the pregnant pause affording patrons the chance to grab last minutes drinks from Amsterdam Brewery as well as snacks and of course Kernels popcorn from our expanding concessions table as the sun set and the night grew darker for prime outdoor movie viewing. The film was delightfully unabashed and the onscreen chemistry between Jason Schwartzman and Adam Scott was definitely the highlight, brilliant even without the full frontal male nudity (though that was some good penis prosthetics, especially during the underwater swimming sequence). The audience was enthralled with The Overnight as the venue’s atmosphere alternated between silent attention, awkward and embarrassed chuckles, and full on head-in-hands laughter.




Hurray for yet another resounding night for Open Roof Festival!

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