Week 7: Hot Night, Cool Lineup

A sweltering day yielded only a mildly cooler night. Gratefully we had some cool beer from Amsterdam to quench our thirst for a very packed evening at Open Roof.

We also can’t say enough about the amazing work of the Open Roof Festival staff and volunteers. These folks run a tight ship and even on a hot day likes this always manage to keep their cool.

ORF Box Office

Chloe Charles kicked off the evening with a sound that can only be described as cool. Swinging from breezy to urgent, with a voice that demands attention and lyrics that keep it. If you closed your eyes, you would bet there was more going on than her relatively simple setup of guitars and keyboards. Charles is not afraid to colour outside the lines of genre yet always remains emotionally vibrant.

The night’s film, A Bigger Splash, seemed almost to centre on the pool, teasingly. The pool was the nucleus the entire film centred around, a Checkov’s gun. What starts as seemingly an introspective character study slowly ratchets up the tension until a tense and surprising climax. The Italian countryside almost competes as a character with a great cast including Tilda Swinton, reserved and either silent or quiet for much of the film, and Raplph Fiennes, the exact opposite, pushy, loud, and gregarious. This polarized tension between loud and quiet, high and low energy, becomes a central theme as we ultimately the tension boils over.

Thank you to everyone who came out! Next week Open Roof Festival presents the Canadian Premiere of the romantic comedy My Blind Brother and acoustic stylings of singer-songwriter Sam Drysdale!

Open Roof Festival has three more shows over the next two weeks. It’ll be over before you know it. Get your tickets now and be sure to join us before the summer ends!

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