Joyia, a modern female R&B songstress, will have ORF audiences entranced before the latest offering from Spring Breakers writer and director Harmony Korine, The Beach Bum, turns the summer dial up to 420.

Limited tickets are available at the door, cash only, on a first come, first serve basis. Box office opens at 7:00 pm on the night of the event until tickets are sold out.


June 26 2019




The Beach Bum

The Beach Bum

Directed by: Harmony Karine

The Beach Bum stars Matthew McConaughey as the pot-fueled poet, Moondog, who stumbles through Florida in search of inspiration for his literary works. He might just write the Great American Novel…if he can stay away from his vices long enough. He’s joined by a colourful cast of characters including Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Jonah Hill and Jimmy Buffett. The Beach Bum is an inspired high-art stoner comedy ready to take its place next to cult flicks like The Big Lebowski.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Harmony Karine
Starring: Matthew McConaughey, Snoop Dogg, Zac Efron, Isla Fisher, Jonah Hill and Jimmy Buffet
Running Time: 95 min
Rating: 14A



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Over the past year, Joyia has been captivating audiences with her sultry hip-hop/R&B infused songs. As the writer and composer of her own music, Joyia captivates audiences with her analogies of everything society lives through. If it’s not a looking glass into her own personal story, it’s something she’s seen in the world around her. People have compared her to the likes of H.E.R., Aaliyah, Norah Jones, and Sabrina Claudio, but somehow still place her in her own category. Hailing from Toronto, Joyia is the modern female R&B songstress that the world has been waiting for, and she’s ready to make her mark.

Joyia has always been making music, but only refined her style around two years ago. While a brief turn towards electronic music taught her elements of production, she eventually returned to her soul, jazz, and R&B influences which really cemented her identity as an artist. Through performances around the city at venues like the Drake Underground and Longboat Hall, fans have really connected with the personal stories she shares through her songs.

Executive produced by Corey of HMLT, her new Legends EP fuses hip-hop, jazz progressions, and both live and electronic dark R&B sounds with Joyia’s refined vocal style; one that feels all too familiar yet indisputably new. Joyia already has solid releases lined up for 2019, so she’s just getting started.

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